by Czernicki, Gina, Stubbs, Mike

Video 2001


A video poem celebrating the 40th anniversary of Yuri Gagarin's first manned trip to space. In an age when space tourism has become a reality what does the future hold for our new born ? A first shaft of light, a splinter of an image, first movements and a sense of independence. Zero is a lyrical view playing on the metaphor of weightlessness, mobility, existentialism and conciousness. It was recorded by Mike Stubbs who was part of a team of artists and scientists invited onto a series of parabolic flights on a Russian Military Evolution Aircraft, based at the Yuri Gagarin Training Centre, Star City, Moscow, in 2000. The text comprises of writings by Net Robot , Netochka Nezvanova and poet Kevin Henderson. Read by Yuri Gagarin and Kevin Henderson. Edit by Gina Czarnecki. Sound Design: Gerald Maire.


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