Zeno's Arrow

by Child, Sarah

Film: 16mm 1977

Edinburgh FF 'New British Avant-garde Film, Edinburgh, Scotland

My intention was for the film to be a kind of wry celebration of the basis of filmic animation as a truth about perception, existing independently of the invention of film - the principle of filmic animation manifested in the philosophical paradox posited by Zeno in 600BC. The relation of filmic form to concept is not too serious. The soundtrack is an explanation of the phenomenon of persistence of vision. The visual image is a diagrammatic arrow animated to pass over a screen inset from the projected frame. Above the screen a sentence - the paradox stated is split into 13 labels. And the rhythm of animation slows down throughout the duration of the film-at first the labels of course pass too quickly to be read and finally the arrows pass too slowly to be seen as a 'flight' illusion. - S.C.


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