Window (Sheepman and the Sheared, Pt3)

by Leggett, Mike

Film: 16mm 1974

Sheepman & the Sheared Parts 2-4
self funded
London Filmmakers Co-op, Fitzroy Rd, London, England

A film in seven parts for continuous single screen projection with an approximate running time of 2 hours 15 minutes. The film takes Landscape as Object in front of the filmmaker and the Medium; it is not about rural life or the mythology of The Land, neither does it seek to present a personalised impression visual or otherwise of the state of residing in a rural district of the South West of England. The coincidence of flora, fauna and man-made object, processes and activities, with the film frame are in no way paramount to an inspection of the total film process by which an observation of this kind is made possible- specific conditions to do with both Nature and men's activity with Nature are recorded with the camera but is essentially a subject to the observation and reaction to its operator. What is subsequently examined in the precise activity of assembly of the camera rolls; assembly such as in Window almost entirely dictated by the length of time the camera ran on each occasion or in Farm which takes into account the pre-determined sub-assembly systems within each of the rolls before arriving at any final order, a decision more determined by a process of inspection and adjustment over a period of time. The camera and operator record 40 seconds of film each weekend throughout a period of twelve months from the same vantage point; each period finishes with the camera framing the area in front of the window in the same way as when the shot commenced. Selection of the part of the area with the use of zoom lens and camera movement or decision about time of day (or even day itself) and precise length of run were not pre-determined. The footage obtained is assembled in order of shooting, (April 1973-74), each camera run being indicated by the blanking of six individual frames spaced; 12 + 12 + 12 + 12cut + 12 + 12. A twenty minute continuous sound recording made at the same window is printed twice onto the ungraded final print with a five minute gap before the repeat.


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