by Leister, David

Film: 16mm 1985

self funded

The film refers to early silent cinema, both in its animated approach to movement and in its antiquated printing and processing techniques... The action is at times superceded by the textures as if the 'plot' were merely an excuse to allow these bits of dust, plastic, and pattern to pass through the gate of a projector and on to a screen. With music by Aleks Kolkowski and Sound Dialectic: David Wilson - Oboe; Aleks Kolkowski - Violin; Alex Maguire - Piano. David Leister is an American film-maker who has lived in London since 1978. Taking references from a photographic background, his films primarily function on a visual level, while at the same time serve as a vehicle for musical illustration. Special attention should often be paid to film technique, in that many of his films are processed and printed by hand using various antiquated methods. What results are projected images that often appear to originate from another era.

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