Wife, The

by Horsman, Brenda

Video 1981


The subject of this animated film is a wife whose husband leaves her for a younger woman, possibly his secretary. Her world collapsing about her, she sets out on a journey of self discovery, realising eventually the true nature of her relationship with her husband. At this point she is seized upon by women anxious to implement their liberating theories, and she and a group of similar women are subjected to these ideas. They subsequently leave, but the wife returns to her husband. He has in turn been left by the younger woman and is by now full of remorse and self-doubt. He is overjoyed to see her, but the resumption of their relationship produces the resumption of their old roles. The music sound track is original and was composed for the film. It anticipates and reflects the moods and actions of the visuals, and together they are intended to treat a serious and contentious subject in a visually attractive and entertaining way.


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