by Leggett, Mike

Film: 16mm 1972

self funded
London Filmmakers Co-op, Prince of Wales Crescent, London, England

A partially successful attempt to recall within the cinemas the encountering and experiencing of a theatre performance. Occurring in the street with a defined performer to audience relationship, the latter's role was outside that which it is usually forced to accept; passivity, ignorance, naivite etc. The extent of the encounter both mental and physical was entirely decoded by each individual. The performers were dedicated, variable weather conditions, long hours and sporadic audience. The only apparent reward was complete liberty to decide strategics within the performing role. To attempt to re-enact a totally three dimensional visual and audio phenomena onto a two dimensional surface was to attempt to personally realise, by transposition, the affirmative of one to that of the other - theatre to film. A sudden encounter is what is stated here, not the details of it. Those have been left to the film.


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