Whitchurch Down (Duration)

by Le Grice, Malcolm

Film: 16mm 1972

Arts Council of England/Great Britain

This film is the beginning of an examination of the perceptual and conceptual structures which can be dealt with using pure colour sequences in loop forms with pictorial material. In this case the pictorial material is confined to three landscape locations, and the structure is not mathematically rigorous. Part of SHOOT SHOOT SHOOT. Filmed images are repeated as abstract building blocks with modifications such as colour changes, single frame shooting, and freezes. "Whitchurch Down...is an important example of (Le Grice's) concern to use both the filmic process and the pictorial image as the content of the film. In this instance the pictorial image is taken from three distinct landscape locations. A continuous rhythmical texture is established by the use made of pure colour sequences, freeze frames, camera motion, jump cutting and refilming original footage off the projection screen. The soundtrack is similarly textured with traffic noise, aeroplane sound, bird calls, a whistle and the sound of the wind. The audience is simultaneously aware of the illusionistic nature of the pictorial image and the insistant reality of the projection event." Chris Welsby 1977

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