What, Just for Me?

by Law, Deborah

Film: 16mm 1979


What, Just For Me? is a visual description based on some women's orientation around and dependency upon men. It does not analyse the historical, economic and emotional reasons that have made this dependency convenient. However, it is intended to show the self-destructiveness of that orientation around another and to suggest a movement away from that frame of mind. The film was shot slowly over a period of a year, working with friends as paid 'actors'. Each shot was noted as a drawing, the framing and colours predetermined so that the result is like a series of paintings. The shapes, spaces, and light were all ones I was very familiar with, although the concentrated vision of the view-finder let me see things I had not noticed. It is very much a film about waiting, taking in, before moving. Hopefully, it is as much appreciative of seeing as it is intimate. - D.L. " A private study engaging in problems of sexuality and visual discourse, What, Just For Me? is as much a 'house' film as a 'body' film, exploring the interface between private and public body, and the structure of vision and desire holding them together." - Chris Auty.

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(formerly Lowensburg)


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