by Barr, Damon, Ferral, Marie-Anne

Film: 16mm 1995


In a blasted, post-apocalyptic landscape, a priapic alien voyeur writhes in a demented frenzy. Two women grapple in a slime-ridden dungeon. To the throb of a grungy, techno soundtrack the film builds to climax; the image disintegrates in a welter of scratches. This stunning and original film is an attempt to evoke modern myths of abduction and abuse by extra-terrestrials, lulling the audience into the trance-like state between sleep and consciousness. The startling images were filmed on black-and-white Super 8, hand-processed and luridly dyed. This is true alchemical erotica. 'Our film making is a continuous, ongoing project with themes, ideas and images often interchangeable from one film to another. A common thread throughout our 26+ films is representation of the human body. The body is often viewed from a distant, almost alien perspective. The flesh is presented as fascinating and erotic but prone to invasion and corruption by disease. In some of our films the body becomes dehumanised to a point where it may actually be alien. This is particularly apparent in Visitations.' - D.B. & M-A.F.


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