Versailles II

by Garratt, Chris

Film: 16mm 1976

Midnight Underground - C4

For this film I made a contact printing box, with a printing area 16mm x 185 mm which enabled the printing of 24 frames of picture plus optical sound area at one time. The first part is a composition using 7 x one second shots of the statues of Versailles, Palace of 1000 Beauties, with accompanying soundtrack, woven according to a pre-determined sequence. Because sound and picture were printed simultaneously, the minute inconsistencies in exposure times resulted in rhythmic fluctuations of picture density and levels of sound. Two of these shots comprise the second part of the film which is framed by abstract imagery printed across the entire width of the film surface: the visible image is also the sound image. - C.G. Part of SHOOT SHOOT SHOOT. CHRIS GARRATT


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