Trade Tattoo (In Tune With Industry)

by Lye, Len

Film: 35mm 1937


Post Office trailer urging people to post early in the day: the message is presented by means of titles, abstract colour patterns, and clips from other GPO productions. "Trade Tattoo brought a fine synthesis, not only between Lye's various directions the hand painted images and textures, the strong added colour, the intricate travelling mattes, the use of negative images but also between the live action images, which are of a more serious nature, and the abstract features [...]. Amongst other techniques which it explores is the single frame image, lasting only one twenty forth of a second, which he uses in a pulsation rhythm. This is also the first film in which the image of a film sprocket hole is used as a conscious element of the film." Malcolm Le Grice, Abstract Film and Beyond, 1977.


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