This Surface

by Hall, David, Sinden, Tony

Film: 16mm 1973

Arts Council of England/Great Britain

An experiment in superimposed written information and visuals. Phrases such as "This surface is seen as reflected light..." are accompanied by travelling shots of shops, a seaside coastline, arches, a detail from a window display. These image are bracketed by a scene in which a man dances in a pub with a pint of beer on his head. "This film purposefully utilises a traditionally seductive theatrical image at the outset which is subsequently redefined in the concrete terms of projection and screen. A man is seen dancing up and down in a pub with a pint of beer on his head. This is followed by a series of long travelling shots along Brighton seafront and a fixed shot of a waxworks tableau. The imagery and illusion of spatial depth are subsequently challenged in alternative terms which identify the events as being a series of projected images on the surface of the screen". Hall and Sinden, 1977.


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