That Has Been

by Hamlyn, Nicky

Film: 16mm 1984

Arts Council of England/Great Britain

That has Been explores the space and intersection of two adjacent rooms, the contents of those rooms, and the relationship between pictorial space and filmic space. The visual sequences are punctuated by spoken monologues of a sometimes autobiographical nature... "To the right, a simple shape that is vaguer, already covered by several days dust, can nevertheless still be recognised, from a certain angle it is even distinct enough so that its outlines can be followed without too much uncertainty. It is a kind of cross: an elongated main section about the size of a table knife but wider, pointed at one end and broadening silently at the other, cut perpendicularly by a much shorter cross piece, this latter is composed of two flaring appendages symmetrically arranged on each side of the axis at the base of its broadening portion, that is, about a third of the way from the wider end. It resembles..." - N.H.


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