Study of Relationships Between Inner and Outer Space

by Lamelas, David

Film: 16mm 1969

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David Lamelas’ first film, A Study of Relationships between Inner and Outer Space analyzes the architectural, social, climatic, or sociological data that make up the exhibition’s spatial environment, that of the institution and its geographical location. Beginning with the empty exhibition hall, the description is neutral and analytical. It progresses in ever larger circles, placing emphasis on all the important functional elements, from the electronic devices in the exhibition space, to the city’s traffic regulation to the communication and information media and finally, to the climatic conditions of the London environment. The film concludes with six interviews regarding the big news item of the day: the future "landing" of the first men on the moon.

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Funder: Camden Arts Centre; D.L catalogue - Witte de With; photographed by Pip Benveniste


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