Straight on Until Morning

by Kennerley, Annette

Film: 16mm 1991


'All children except one grow up. We all know this has to happen, and the way Wendy knew was this...' 'I don't ever want to grow up,' said Peter Pan. 'I want always to be a little boy and to have fun!' 'The story of Peter Pan seen through a grown-up's eyes, the jingle of an ice-cream van, a small boy's game of stepping over the cracks in the pavement on his way to school... these are triggers for the imagination as the adult recollects a stream of memories from the past. Remembered fragments are interwoven with an analyst's discourse, set against a rhythmic collage of images (re-worked from 1950s home movies, Super 8, 16mm and slides). Behaviour patterns, the fiction of the memory and our attempts to make sense of our inner world - or escape it - are questioned and explored.' - A.K.


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