Space Between, The

by Butler, Brad, Mirza, Karen

Film: 16mm, video 2005


The Space Between is an extravagantly layered, rhythmically complex investigation into a particular architectural space. By using an arsenal of different cinematic tools, including double exposure, freeze framing and careening camera work, Mirza & Butler transform a handful of recognisable features, including a nondescript interior hallway and a column of exterior balconies, into an increasingly dense and abstract visual field.

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"The film image is constantly fluctuating between object-representation and surface abstraction. Repetition does not bring clarity nor is it meant to. No attempt is made to deny either the subjectivity of film or its representational mode; rather the viewer works through and against the film with the filmmakers; so to speak.“ Karen Mirza and Brad Butler "Time and space shattered into shards of light. Footage shot in India and thoroughly reworked in the optical printer into a rigorous, flickering duality." Mark Webber


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