Sons of Temperance, The

by Waller, Mark Aerial

Video 2000


The Sons of Temperance is a journey into a dark sphere of information retrieval; the search for interpretation. Mark Aerial Waller's film work is introduced by a man talking about collections of ancient ceramics. In their creation, potters would turn pieces of clay on a wheel. As they were turned, the potter's fingernails or tools created grooves in side the pot, which would resonate with the voices or sounds of what was happening in the vicinity. Today, these ceramic pieces can be played back like vinyl recordings. The collection's value no longer resides in the visual, but in the secret beauty of the audio. ‘Like Elliot, like Nerval, like anyone obsessed with picking up and incubating what Rilke calls 'The unending message that forms itself from silence', the initiates are finding the knowledge and the isolation just too much to bear.’ TOM McCARTHY To be projected in total darkness Available to purchase in an edition of 8/ installation version available/ French-subtitled version available - contact LUX for more information


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