Short Film Series (75-98)

by Sherwin, Guy

Film: 16mm 1998

Short Film Series (76-9)
Arts Council of England/Great Britain

"It is literally impossible to offer a definitive description of Guy Sherwin's Short Film Series, since the film has no beginning, middle or end. It is instead composed of a series of three minute (100ft.) sections which can be projected in any order. The hirer of the series may select which sections he/she wants to book and in which order they are to be seen, the only stipulation being that a minimum of four sections be screened together. There are upwards of twenty-five sections, all silent and in black-and-white. The majority were made in the years 1976 to 1979, although the series is theoretically open-ended and ongoing. If the film itself is impossible to describe, some of its recurring ideas and cinematic interests can at least be traced. This can perhaps best be done by considering a reel of six sections currently available as a unit for those interested in booking the film for the first time. Although the individual sections themselves are simple, the issues they raise are varied and complex. Some of the ideas woven through this reel include film as a record of life, and autobiographical document, the image surface as a controlled pattern of light and rhythm, the camera apparatus as a 'clock' which actually 'marks time'." - Deke Dusinberre. BFI Monthly Film Bulletin Oct 1983

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Continuing series from 1975. 40 x 3 minuteregroupable titles includes: Portrait with Parents; Canal Shadow; Torchlight; Aviator; Walkway; Richmond Track; Vermeer Frames; Suffolk Track; Windbreak with Shadow; Torch Shadow; Handcrank Clock; Vermeer Still Life; Anna and Photo; Windbreak Print; Nine Trees; Burnt Image


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