by Breakwell, Ian, Leggett, Mike

Film: 16mm 1970

IRAT Robert st (New Arts Lab)

A film of architectural and indoor and countryside locations in which a 3 metre square linen sheet appears within each location as a focal point. 'A beautiful film exploring relationships between architecture, landscape and people.' - John Du Cane -Time Out. 'Shrouding or hiding belong both to death as the mysterious unseen killer, and to the corpse. Sheet has all these feelings. The uncertainty and surprise: Where will it appear next? The sheet appears in odd places, making familiar objects look strange and uncanny. The party goes on with everybody pretending it isn't there, embarrassed, ashamed of it, it is eventually kicked into a corner. This sums up our present approach to death. As the film proposes: The more we pretend it isn't there, the more it pursues us. Then, in the final sequence in the valley there seems to be a feeling of resolution. Perhaps that the earth will eventually claim us, but also gives us birth, growth and protection...' - Extract from a letter to the film-makers from a member of the audience.


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