Separate Incidents

by Renton, Alan

Film: 16mm 1981

Arts Council of England/Great Britain

Landscape film consisting of "quite long studies modified by irrelevant intrusions. Irrelevant instructions read as sequential events in travel through the landscape". Effects such as pan, blur, shot length, framing, associated sound effects and editing strategies are used to foreground themselves, to become their own subject. "Separate Incidents is composed of a series of long takes which are subsequently modified by a recurring device: the intrusion of objects into the frame precipitates a camera pan which questions the significance of the preceding shots and consequently assumes an inflated importance itself. The intrusions may be irrelevant but can be read as sequential events in travel through landscape, and the film is cut to imply this possible connection, supporting particular relationships between events, imposing a linear continuity. However, the film is simultaneously designed to deny this convention, the events are separate incidents." Alan Renton, 1981.


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