Route 66

by Dunford, Mike

Film: 16mm 1972


Two loops, in sequence, refilmed and printed out at length through a series of printer permutations, and then reversed to the original simple loop, whilst at the same time an accumulation of scratches eliminates the image. The images, which are almost abstract at the start, assume a quality of even greater distance from representation, as they move through the permutations, and the focus of the film becomes the working out of a predictable logic. In moving from the image as a sample of printer apparatus, and then back through a progression (by now known) to its materiality as film-stuff, the film elucidates a leaning process and a discovery process that is intrinsic to structralist materialist film. Hence the title, with its intimations of a journey of enlightenment, and its implications of length, difficulty and knownness.


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