Road Movie

by Philpott, Richard

Film: 16mm 1984


'A hard hitting documentary in which the arguments of the Road Lobby are pitted against those of environmentalists and the ordinary people whose lives are threatened by the effects of new motorway and urban highway schemes. . the film's parameters extend to wider and universal arguments, including the priorities given to car users over those on public transport, the question of pollution and the demise of communities divided by busy highways. A film sure to provoke much discussion.' - Tyneside International Film Festival. ''Road Movie' will come as either a shock or a revelation. It's a fiercely committed piece which draws some fundamental and disturbing conclusions for all of us . . a fascinating example of how local people can get together to put their views across in a medium normally reserved for the rich or the influential.' - Finchley Times. 'Horror, comedy and commitment...very different to the average documentary. Its breadth is impressive and its radicalism thorough-going...universally well received.' - Hampstead & Highgate Express. 'the longest-running battle in London hits the big screen.' - Thames TV News. 'a chilling examination of what the Road Lobby has done to London and would like to do if given the chance...essential viewing' - Time Out. 'fascinating...deliberately provocative in its challenge to the Road Lobby and to dominant styles of documentary filmmaking.' - Hendon Times.


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