Risoni & Into the Light

by Hamlyn, Nicky

Film: 16mm 2006

Original format
film: 16mm
Moving Frame, Royal College of Art, London, 2006

"Making the footage involed the frame-by -frame creation of up to five lyers of pasta, each layer lit from a pair of opposing angles. Each layer consists of a strip of eight-frame dissolves, and each layer is off-set from the others by two frames, so that each pair of dissolves begins at a two frame interval from its neighbours. Two loops travel simultaneously through one projector. One is one frames longer than the other, so that 250 frames (ten seconds) of longer loop recombine with the 249 of the shorter in a new permutation every time the loops repeat. It would take 43 minutes for the 62,250 possible frame combinations to appear. "- NH

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Two x (16mm lopps in a single proector)


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