by Sherwin, Guy

Film: 16mm 1977


NB. for vertical format projection - with the projector (e.g. Elf) lying on its left-hand side. One of a series of films that investigates qualities of sound that can be generated directly from the image track. The images that you see are simultaneously scanned by the optical sound reader in the projector, which converts the into sound. This particular film makes use of the aural effect of visual perspective; the steeper the perspective on the railings, the closer the intervals of black and white, and the higher the frequency of sound. I also wanted to find out what freeze frames and viual strobe would ‘sound’ like. Visual strobe is created both in the camera - (camera shutter v. railings) and in the printer (printer shutter v. slipping frames). G.S.

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vertical screen. Also 2 screen version


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