Problem Being, The

by Felce, Christine

Film: 16mm 1979


"For those who want to see the world but cannot afford to travel the cinema offers golden opportunities for doing things easily."-The Picture Goer, 1927. The Problem Being was financed by the Welsh Arts Council and was filmed in several disused slate quarries in North Wales. While making the film I became absorbed by the differences in the approach and methods used to make dominant cinema, particularly travelogues, compared to my own approach and concerns as an independent film-maker. The film reflects this mostly by making visual jokes and using as many ways of visual representation of the landscape as were possible. The two verbal points of view in the film are expressed by a man who makes statements taken from The Picture Goer Magazine in 1927. The female voice provides a few alternatives I am concerned with and I have tried to portray visually by how the images are edited and filmed. I developed a passion for the ever crumbling quarry, it is the only landscape I've experienced with such rapid changes in. - C.F. "A stunningly beautiful and poetic film", Helen Mackintosh, Time Out, 1980.


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