Pleasure Garden, The

by Broughton, James

Film: 16mm 1952

British Film Institute

Described by the Monthly Film Bulletin as "a comic fantasy with music celebrating the victory of the pleasure principle", Californian filmmaker Broughton's British film is set in a decaying garden which is under the care of the puritannical Colonel Pall, who is determined that none of its visitors enjoy themselves. The visitors are an eccentric bunch: a girl who wants to be a statue, a sculptor who is obsessed by abstraction, a widower who passes his time watching birds, a single girl called Bess who is accompanied by an overbearing aunt, a cyclist who is seeking a husband, and a wandering cowboy. Colonel Pall, having created problems for all and sundry, now intends to turn the garden into a cemetery. A benevolent fairy comes to the rescue of the garden and its inhabitants.


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