by Potter, Sally

Film: 16mm 1971


"In Play, Potter filmed six children - actually, three pairs of twins - as they play on a sidewalk, using two cameras mounted so that they recorded two contiguous spaces of the sidewalk. When Play is screened, two projectors present the two images side by side, recreating the original sidewalk space, but, of course, with the interruption of the right frame line of the left image and the left frame line of the right image - that is, so that the sidewalk space is divided into two filmic spaces. The cinematic division of the original space is emphasized by the fact that the left image was filmed in color, the right image in black and white. Indeed, the division is so obvious that when the children suddenly move from one space to the other, 'through' the frame lines, their originally continuous movement is transformed into cinematic magic." ( Scott MacDonald, A Critical Cinema 3, 1998)


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