Pig of Hearts

by Saxon, George

Film: 16mm 1992

Arts Council of England/Great Britain

'Pig of Hearts is a sophisticated allegory; a dream sequence worth of Hammer, inspired by the writings of Arthur Rimbaud and set in a Victorian underworld reminiscent of Edgar Allan Poe. In this nightmarish vision, the blindfolded protagonist is taken on a bloody journey in a world populated by demented characters who drink wine, eat raw hearts and lead him to touch the corpse of the Emperor Napoleon himself. In Pig of Hearts, a walk in the country turns out to be a 'season in Hell'. What at first appears to be a child's game soon turns sinister and all dreams turn into nightmares. In this lyrical vision of excess, abuse, and butchery, it is only the flesh which survives - red, desirable, and yet truly repugnant.' - Michael Maziere


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