Overheated 1991-2001: the undiminised intensity mix

by Hulse, Matt

Video 2001


Although I do not consider myself to be an overtly 'political' film maker, I cannot sit back and ignore the images of events that occur around me. Back in 1991, the Gulf war was freely available to the world - to be consumed and enjoyed remotely in the form of TV and radio, 24 hours a day. I recorded many hours of radio reportage at that time for a three-screen installation called 'Overheated' which presented the shocking contrasts between the war zone and the home comforts of suburban Texas. More recently, with yet another Bush as President, I was reminded of those times and I decided to revisit my old work , to archive it in single screen form. I thought it might be of historical curiosity to my grand children, if nothing else. The day I happened to chose to edit was September 11th 2001. I was just tidying up the titles and getting ready to put the work on the shelf when something rather significant occurred that demanded incorporation. Film making history making film. Included in the group show ‘FABULA’ at the National Museum of Film, Photography & TV


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