Nuclear Train, The

by Flint, James, Saul, Daniel

Video 2002

Arts Council of England & Channel Four

James and his family live by the railway tracks used to transport nuclear waste through the middle of London. Already disturbed, James begins to feel all his problems are related to the nuclear train and resolves to run away from home. Once outside he enters a dreamscape city falling apart at the seams. He ends up on the waterfront in a fractured wasteland piled high with rubbish. Full of guilt James uses junk to make a pair of prosthetic arms for his disabled daughter. But he soon begins to fear that his family may never join him on the scrap heap by the river. The Nuclear train combines video drama with animation to create a mutated world that reflects our fears about the future. It is perhaps a parable about what we should take with us and what we should leave behind. AN ANIMATE! FILM


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