Nuclear Family, The

by Parker, Kayla

Film: 16mm 1992

regional arts board: see notes

A mother recalls incidents from her daughter's childhood a quarter of a century before in a Somerset mining village and the three imaginary friends who 'came down from the stars'. Kayla Parker says of this work: 'My mother has told me this story - my own personal fairy-tale - ever since I can remember. I have no memory of the time she speaks of, and can only experience it vicariously, coloured by her nostalgia and her feelings as a mother. The filmed images are provided by others, as are the words. I tried to recover a meaning of my own from these fragments of childhood by drawing directly onto the surface of the film - like the wax crayon and scratch pictures I made as a child. But the persistence of my mother's memory still overpowered anything I almost remembered.' - Channel 4 Press Release.

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