Nine Jokes (Nine Films)

by Breakwell, Ian

Film: 16mm, video 1971


A series of very short films, joined together in a single roll for consecutive showing one to nine. A typical film consisting of a 10 sec. black stencilled caption which describes either objectively, or ironically, the image(s) which occupy the remaining 30 secs. of film time. Mostly one-shot with a fixed camera. In running order the films are: 1) THE ART WORLD ERUPTS 30 secs 2) CONTAINER 65 secs 3) GULP 40 secs 4).YES/NO 90 secs 5) SLEEP 120 secs 6) PEA 50 secs 7) THE GREATEST STORY EVER TOLD 40 secs 8) PASTORALE 60 secs 9) FEEL 75 secs

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made for Prospect 71


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