Night Train

by Sherwin, Guy

Film: 16mm 1979

Flicker Orchestrated. Substation, Singapore

The sound of lights passing through a dark landscape seen from a moving train. Night Train is a timelapse film that reduces the journey from Birmingham to London to 2 minutes. G.S. "Night Train may be seen as continuing the Vertovian tradition of employing film to reveal phenomena not normally visible to the naked eye. Night Train was shot from a moving train at night, using time exposures of half a second per frame. The camera records passing lights as traces, so the nearer the objects to the train, the longer the trace. This results in the familiar travel experience whereby we appear to pass nearer objects faster than distant ones. here this translates into a black screen with abstract horizontal white lines, distant light sources making short feint lines, nearer ones long and bright lines." - Nicky Hamlyn. Coil Magazine. Nov 2000. A two-screen version is shown as part of The Train Films 1977-2004.

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Music: Geirge Chua


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