Neon Diver

by Keane, Tina

Film: 16mm 1991

Arts Council of England & Channel Four

The pool is a metaphor for identity, pleasure and voyeurism. Swimmers walk around the edge of the pool, define the frame and diving one-by-one, self possessed and in control of their bodies. As they cross and re-cross the water, they convey purposeful action and hedonism. They parody the frolics of Esther Williams and the synchronised swimmers who flicker on the surface of the water, somersaulting and forming rosettes. They expose playfulness as a vehicle for submerged voyeurism. These scenes are ritualistically punctuated by images of a diver and a punk violinist. They repeatedly challenge our perceptions beneath and above the illusory surface to proclaim an identity free from constraints. T.K.


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