Moving Studies in Black and White

Cinematography:William Raban. Dancers:Miranda Tufnell, Dennis Greenwood, Martha Grogan, Maede Dupres. Music: Ben Mason. Moving Studies in B&W is my monolith, my sculpture, my time piece. As director my attention carved the circling dancers round the camera, the camera round the dancers. The mechanics of the film (camera, tripod, dolly) were a positive presence, as positive as the presence of the performers-the mechanics of the film focussed on their being. Towards and away and around those mechanisms moved those beings. Further Studies around them, the camera moved, encircling them, a solid line of force, of concentrated eyes. The relation between the dancers and camera is the essence of the film - they give their attention, turn to it as focus, distanced from it by its opposition to them: static when they move, animated when they stand. Mechanical to their Breath. - M.H.


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