by Wakeham, Pauline

Film: 16mm 1990


The film is projected forwards and then backwards to the beginning. ‘But moonthinking goes of itself. It will not come under the sway of logic. It will not come when he bids it. It will not go at his command. It does not originate in his head. It rises rather from the lower depths of his being and befuddles his mind like the intoxicating drink, soma.’ - Ester Harding, from Woman's Mysteries: Ancient and Modern 1971. This film is a meditation on the moon, on the moon and her mother, an elemental expression of chaos and poetic symmetry. Projected forwards and backwards, waxing and waning, it is a challenge to linear order and a homage to the feminine that rises up within me, to my mother and to the great mother. - P.W.


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