by Chowdhry, Maya

Video 1992


Monsoon is a poetic view of women's oppression using menstruation as a metaphor for the restraints under which women have to live their lives. From the beginning of time women's menstruation and reproduction was viewed as a miracle which struck fear in the hearts of men. Men quickly understood they must control this if they were to remain in power, and they have thus seized control of women's sexuality and reproduction. This piece explores women's menstruation using the parallel cycle of the monsoon, linking women's cycles with the cycles of the earth. Women's knowledge of the earth is viewed by men to be inferior to men's knowledge, however the earth is not withstanding the results of men's uses of the earth, and the resulting pollution and eroding of the earth is evidence of this. The film uses images of an Indian woman with blood, the earth and the elements to explore these cycles. Monsoon is an experimental narrative which follows the rhythm of the poetic voice-over to take us on a journey of cycles. The cycles we live in like the cyclical weather system, the monsoon, releasing us from summer into a new spring, releasing us from the cycles of love, the beginning and ending of relationships, releasing us from the cycles of birth and motherhood, where finally we reach the cycle of death and rebirth, our decaying bodies releasing our souls to be spun into another life. - M.C.


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