by Hollander, Gad

Film: super-8 1985

Edinburgh Fringe Film Festival, Edinburgh, Scotland/Leicester Super 8 Film Festival, England

An old woman with a 'foreign' accent descends into the London Underground reading her diary. She calls herself memory and, from another time and place, tells us the story of her life to the accompaniment of a slide show: from her conception by Heaven and Earth to her present desolate existence in the wake of her daughters' (the nine muses) departure. The slide projectionist is an obscure figure in a robe & cowl who, it transpires, meets her at her journey's end & ferries her across a body of water (the Styx). Though she passes her daughter's on the way to the train, she does not recognise them, meanwhile the mysterious figure beckons her with Madam Butterfly's aria, "one fine day..."


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