Mirrored Measure

by Pucill, Sarah

Film: 16mm 1995

Arts Council of England/Great Britain

'The film presents a meditation on levels of balance, control and ritual enacted via a mesmeric attachment to the water level in table glassware. It explores the split between connection and disengagement.. This is expressed in different ways; the hands picking up or dropping the glass containers, the image in or out of focus, (...) The film progresses from containment within table-top rituals to its slippage. (...) The camera maintains an umbilical relationship with the ever-present water level as it appears static in a jug which actually is moved around a table; only the water reflections appear moving. (...) A tension is built up via the glass echo on the soundtrack... A clear sense of identity boundary is broken, as the older and younger woman drinking interchange as if one person...'


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