Married Life

by Andrews, Chris, Jones, Vicky



The idea of making more than one version of a film had always appealed to us. We found a script in a book called "Movie Making for the Advanced Amateur" which was particularly suited to our plans. The script was short and superficial enough to interpret in many ways. To date there are four versions.In the FIRST VERSION we kept as near as possible to the book and as the script only mentions the following sounds:Sound effect of doorbell.Wife thinking "Ah, a letter from Henry".Husband shouting 'Anything interesting in the mail?'Wife thinking "Doesn't he expect another letter?' and a sigh -We decided to keep it silent and perform the sounds live whenever we show the film.The SECOND VERSION consists of five loops of sequences cut from the first version. We attempted to cram in as much information as possible about the film on two tracks of sound.Track 1: Parrot fashion quotes from the book, narration.Track 2: sound effects and dialogue.In this version we wanted to draw attention to the most significant and insignificant parts of the film by using the narrator to direct one's attention to the image. The loops helped us to pace the sound/narration and also to look at the action more objectively.In the THIRD VERSION we decided to make a naturalistic sound track to accompany the original image.The FOURTH VERSION is a combination of ideas, which arose from the other three. It consists of several short sequences using the original footage again, this time switched around and chopped into no apparent order. New sounds add to disorder and maybe help you believe in the unrealistic nature of the film.


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