Lisa and Jean

by Chalcraft, Miles



Lisa (with licence to kill) and Jailbird Jean are like escapees from a 1960s movie, dressed identically in beige trenchcoats and sunglasses, clutching little black handbags, and with their hair pulled away from their faces. Standing mid-shot in the front of the camera for the duration of the film, the women converse with each other and the audience via pieces of tatty cardboard that have various one-liners, cliché slogans and stage directions written on them. They make a minimum of actions to illustrate the story as it weaves and turns through a fantasy Europe, bringing them together in a love scenario that leads to treachery and entrapment. The film's finale is an inevitable shoot-out, resulting in the characters' death. Filmed in a dazzling pixillated style on black-and-white Super 8, this film has charmed audiences and culled prizes at festivals across Europe.


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