Light Reading

by Rhodes, Lis

Film: 16mm 1978

Arts Council of England/Great Britain

''Light Reading' is the possibility of a new direction in film, not to be co-opted by an overriding definition.'-- Peter Gidal, Materialist Film 'The film begins in darkness as a woman's voice is heard over a black screen. The voice is questioning, searching. She will act. But how? Act against what? The bloodstained bed suggests a crime. . . could it be HIS blood? Could it be HER blood? The voice searches for clues. . . . The clues suggest it is language that has trapped her, meanings that have excluded her and a past constructed to control her. 'she watched herself being looked at she looked at herself being watched but she couldn't perceive herself as the subject of the sentence. . . ' 'Light Reading' ends with no single solution. But there is a beginning. Of that she is positive. She will not be looked at but listened to. . . ' 'Light Reading', Felicity Sparrow, in 'Her image fades as her voice rises', Arts Council 'Lis Rhodes uses often mysterious, dangerous and highly personal images.'--Amy Taubin, Village Voice


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