Kitchen Door in Semi Moonlight

by Osborne, Julie

Film: 16mm 1986


The film consists of 20 linking scenes, which loosely divide into three sections. As the partly solarized actress walks through the cinema chairs to get to the front row, the audience share with her, the role of spectator. During the second section the audience become less aware of their environment, but instead of immersing themselves in the story-line, they watch the actress perform very simple, ordinary movements and gestures. But these movements have been transformed by optical printing and their movements take on very different meanings. The two main actresses are Sara Davies, chose for her uncanny similarity to the late Marilyn Monroe, and Miranda Vincent, chosen to add a cynical slant, to contrast the more traditional feminine qualities of Sara Davies. Together with the sound track, a mixture of Marilyn Monroe plus the dialogue of the two actresses, the film takes on diverse and strong surreal qualities. - J.O.


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