Kensington Gore

by Elwes, Catherine

Video 1981


'In Kensington Gore, a real life injury which happened on a location shoot is related in various theatrical forms ranging from the slapstick of mime to the authority of a text read with my classic BBC accent. In this way the story is constantly being reduced to the form of its telling and I never present it as the irrefutable truth. In the same way that reality and fiction are often interchangeable, the truth of an event has as many versions as there were witnesses.' - C.E. 'How does one understand the image of violence inflicted by a woman on a man's neck with apprently the sole aim of manipulating the audience? The humour of this piece is abrasive and disconcertingly courageous. It may be aggressive, but it has the merit of scrutinising a tabood but universal subject, in this case, female violence.' - Bruno Mersch CATHERINE ELWES


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