Intergalactic Starlight Observatory

by Wood, Graham

Video 1997


Intergalactic Starlight Observatory is a short film commissioned by LEA in 1997 for the opening of the LEA Gallery. Graham Wood's 'art' has always been concerned with the nature of storytelling and how a narrative is constructed from assorted images, sounds, words and thematic/topographical/temporal connections. In a series of projects first as a typographer, then as a director, Wood, a founder member of design group Tomato, has pushed screen typography into new areas of possibility and expression. 'Everything is video or digital, but I always try to make it look like film. It always has to be softened up or have a touch of grey, a subtlety.' What Wood has created is a kind of ambient typography comparable to the ambient music and video of artists-musicians such as Brian Eno, David Sylvian and David Cunningham.


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