Imaginary I,II,III

by Sweeney, Moira

Film: 16mm 1989


Imaginary is a film in three parts (From Today, Touched and One) shot in varying intimate and personal environments. Fleeting images are re-filmed and stylised in an unsentimental manner. FROM TODAY UK, 1988, sound, colour, 5 mins, 16mm. 'Moira Sweeney also uses the optical printer in her dream-like film Imaginary, in which shots of a cottage window-sill and the view of the coast beyond are slowed to about one fifth of their normal speed. This treatment imparts a gentle rocking motion to the camera movements, and renders grain sharply visible in the coastal views so that they acquire a kind of pointillist flatness. Sweeney's constant use of the printer sometimes takes her work towards a vapid formalism, but Imaginary is redeemed by a tender melancholy which unifies the rustic window and the deserted landscape beyond.' - Nicky Hamlyn, Art Monthly, Feb 1989. TOUCHED UK, 1988-1989, sound, B&W, 4 mins, 16mm. Taking eroticism as the revolt of the instant against time, this diary is part of an ongoing desire to express intimacy through rhythmical hints of experience. - M.S. ONE UK, 1989, sound, colour, 4 mins, 16mm. Unfamiliar environments passed through, contrast with faint echoes of sound, traces of memory and the familiarity and warmth of the body. - M.S. MOIRA SWEENEY LOOKING FOR THE MOON UK, 1987, silent, B&W, 7 mins, 16mm. Tentative gestures of hands and body become symbolic of opposing emotions involved in closeness to one person, trust - the need to escape. Actions merge into one continual unresolved movement. - M.S.


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