Hotel Central

by Hulse, Matt

Film: 35mm 2000

Arts Council of England/Great Britain

Hotel Central was created through a process of close collaboration between the director, the performer and the crew. There was no script. Accidents were welcomed as important tools for production, as were found objects and chance locations. Surrealist film maker Luis Bunuel called this open-ended, intuitive process 'conscious psychic automation' and as a modus operandi it was followed right through to the final cut. The eccentric result does not attempt to narrate a dream, but exploits the same kind of mechanisms that dreams utilize. Simon Field, Director of the Rotterdam Film Festival, picked 'Hotel Central' as his favourite film of 2000, describing it as being 'in the twilight zone between art and cinema' and the director Matt Hulse as one who 'makes images like Stockhausen makes music'. Winner Best Experimental Film, Mediawave 2001, Hungary Special Award for Film, International Film & New Media Festival, Split, Croatia Honourable Mention, Brno 16 Film Festival, Brno, Czech Republic.


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