by Gidal, Peter

Film: 16mm 1969


Clinical subjectivity, a construct, a consciously, precisely set-up situation. 31 people's faces: tight closeup (10:1 zoom lens head on stare). Movement happens against the strict construct. The realness is within the framework as set up and defined, a non-illusory use of film structure and film situation. (1970) People in Heads : Charlie Watts, Bill West, Jane, John Blake, Linda Thorson, Marsha Hunt, Steve Dwoskin, Thelonious Monk, Peter Townsend, David Hockney, Marianne Faithful, Carol Garney-Lawson, David Gale, Richard Hamilton, Dieter Meier, Rufus Collins, Leslie Smith, Anita Pallenburgh, Claes Oldenburgh, Francis Bacon, Adrian Munsey, Carolee Schneeman, Andrew Garnett-Lawson, Jim Dine, Vivian, Prenai, Winston, Gregory Markopoulos, Rosie, Patrick Procktor, Francis Vaughan. 'The two leading formalists/structuralists in England are Malcolm Le Grice and PETER GIDAL'.( B.Hein in Film im Untergrund,1971). 'Nervous, serious faces become monstrous through the unnatural enclosure of the filmframe. Through viewing this film we experience the horrific deformations which the filmframe creates.' (Werner Kliess, Suddeutsche Zeiting, February 1971).

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Bacon, Markopoulos et al


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