Goethe and the SS Girls

by Sharpe, Brian

Film: 16mm 1984


Goethe and The SS Girls is a comedy. Four friends, three men and one woman, in their twenties, spend an evening together. Dave comes round to Andy's flat. Linda and Roger, who are going out together, arrive later. They talk, drink, play cards and go to see a film, listlessly whiling away the evening hours. They talk about politics, sex and films. Linda, who is tiring of Roger, transfers her affections to Dave. More drink. They are bored. They are in doubt. They are in the dark. What happens? Raymond Chandler once said, when in doubt have a man come to the door with a gun in his hand. This is what happens. Goethe and the SS Girls is a modern comedy of manners, a satire on the mentality of the movie buff, and the discontinuous narrative borrows from a clutch of well known cult movies, examining their sexual politics, violent imagery and their concept of heroism. The film comprises some 100 short takes joined by sections of black leader. Like the characters and all cinema-goers, the audience has to spend some time sitting in the dark. The film is loosely based on Wolfgang Bauer's play 'Film und Frau' and includes elements from Peter Handke's 'Die Innenwelt' and Goethe's Faust. Boredom, Sex, Drugs, Movies, Guns, Telephones, Murder, German Accents. - B.S.


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