Friday Fried

by Leggett, Mike

Film: 16mm 1981

Arts Council of England/Great Britain

The Film FRIDAY FRIED mixes sound images in a strictly procedural manner based upon a relationship with the picture track which itself is structured around a sequence of 16 slide images. Four voices narrate a series of descriptions which refer to the visual detail in the picture whilst also cross-narrating with one another. During the construction of the soundtrack 12 different sources were combined without alteration to balance, tone etc. throughout the film's 15 minute duration. VISTASOUND and FRIDAY FRIED confront the issue of sound-with-film and arise out of earlier and tentative experiments which examined the relationship between sound images and visual images. Though both films remain close to the still underdeveloped formal work around duration, repetition, visual centering (frame, focus, exposure etc.) the projects extend from problems which emerge in earlier work particularly in the fields of spoken word symbol and sound images; their order and association by implication or direct reference with the image track and within the totality of the sounds heard as mixture. Within the film industry the tradition with sound, the 'correct' reproduction and matching of two images, completely dominate the post production effort; complex technical areas make it possible to combine limitless permutations of original sound sources for the purpose of, as with the picture track, creating diegetic space based on transparent means of representation. MIKE LEGGETT


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